Kaspersky Lab APAC will hold its first multi-city Security Roadshow titled – Cyber Insights 2018 – that will go across 12 cities in Asia Pacific Region, creating partnerships with customers, analysts and cybersecurity experts to discuss and deliberate on the emerging threat landscape in APAC, and explore what organizations need in order to build a solid Cyber Defence plan that will help them build resilience to address existing security risks, detect new attacks, and predict future complex threats.


The theme for this year’s Cyber Insights is: Building Cyber Defence and Resilience with Adaptive Security Framework.

Kaspersky Lab believes that organizations need to build an Adaptive Security Framework that is scalable and flexible to meet the new and complex security challenges set forth by the increase in cyberattack surface due to digitization. We will show you how you can be resilient to cyberattacks by implementing the Adaptive Security Framework. By adoption of such Security Architecture, organizations can gain complete visibility of the threat lifecycle as well as move from a reactive to a proactive security model based on risk management, continuous monitoring and more informed incident response and threat hunting capabilities

Join us to:

  • Find out about the threats organizations like yours are currently facing
  • Learn how to build an Adaptive Security Framework that can provide reliable protection in the era of digital transformation
  • See how leading-edge global corporations have built their security on proven technologies
  • Put your questions to Kaspersky Lab experts and security industry analysts from renowned organizations, such as IDC

Who Should Attend

Kaspersky Cyber Insights 2018 welcomes IT security professionals and business-decision makers from across industry.

Participants will learn effective cybersecurity practices and how to develop a predictive risk management strategy. They will also understand how to enhance visibility of network, endpoint and security infrastructure without increasing complexity. Further, there will also be knowledge sharing sessions on how to secure public-private cloud / data centre infrastructure and employee security awareness.